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MERV11 Pleated Filter

Multi-Pleat XL11 - MERV 11
Extended Surface Pleated Panel Filters

The Koch Multi-Pleat XL11 is a medium efficiency extended surface pleated panel filter, engineered to provide higher initial efficiencies and better overall performance than standard pleated filters.

The Multi-Pleat XL11 carries a MERV 11 fractional efficiency rating in accordance with ASHRAE Test Standard 52.2. The filter will also provide an Initial Dust Spot Efficiency of 45%, and an Average Dust Spot Efficiency of 55-60% in accordance with ASHRAE Test Standard 52.1.

The MERV 11 efficiency ratings provided by the Multi-Pleat XL11 make the filter an excellent upgrade from disposable filters and ordinary pleated filters in applications such as hospitals, laboratories and pharmaceutical plants, commercial office buildings, and in any system in which a higher degree of clean air is required. The Multi-Pleat XL11 is available in standard and high capacity versions.

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