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Aeolus Minipleats

Mini-Pleat Filter

Product Description

  •            Low Initial resistance @ 500 fpm
  •           Media, spacer beads and frame material are 100% polypropylene
  •          Media is single web, non-shedding, gradient density
  •           Pleat spacer thermally bonded to both sides of media, color coded for efficiency
  •           Frame durable hard plastic
  •           All filter components are anti-microbial by nature
  •           Water proof construction
  •           ASHRAE 52.2-1999 tested and certified
  •           UL900 Class 2 U.S. tested and certified

Our Mini-pleat pack in 1, 2, 4 or 6 inches is your choice when you need high efficiency filtration in a small design.

  •           Underwriters Laboratories Classification - UL900 Class I U.S. - Class II Canada
  •           Inorganic construction will not promote microbial growth
  •           Continuous operating temperature limitations: 180°F (82°C)
  •           Filters can be operated up to 125% of manufacturers rated airflow
  •           Manufacturers recommended final resistance is 1.50? W.G.

Standard Sizes

16×20x4 — 16×25x4

20×20x4 — 20×25x4

24×24x4 — 24×20x4 — 24×12x4
Dimensions in inches

Custom Sizes
Available upon request

Other available sizes:

  •           1-inch
  •           2-inch
  •           4-inch
  •           4-inch with header frame
  •           6-inch with header frame 

Product Overview



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