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Data Centers

Data Centers

Our products offer a more innovative approach with new state of the art medias. Our filtration solutions allow Data Center Facility Managers the ability to provide the highest efficiency at the lowest possible resistance. Guaranteed! 

AFNW® can provide the best Air Filtration options for your Data Center! Have our NAFA Certified Techs perform a complete site survey. This survey assists us in providing our clients with the following benefits:

  • Reduced equipment wear and tear.
  • Large reductions in energy consumption.
  • Improved cooling due to decreased resistance with our advanced medias.
  • Higher particulate efficiency removal without increased resistance or energy consumption.
  • Minimizes ingress/egress issues.
  • Reduced contract labor, and security issues.

According to the Consortium of Energy Efficiency, facilities in which proper computer room air conditioning preventive maintenance is completed will use approximately 15% to 20% less energy than those where systems are allowed to deteriorate. With the high cost of energy it is critical to incorporate cutting edge technologies to maximize efficiencie$.

Data Center Suggested Filtration Solutions

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